Andrea Bricchi is an Italian engineer and manager, with the passion for beauty in all its forms.


Born on November 30th, 1977, in Castel San Giovanni, his education was mainly in Italy, with a little part in New York. He got a master degree in electronic engineering at the University of Pavia, in 2002, with a specific focus on microelectronic systems. He completed his education with specialization courses and master level insights in economics and international jurisprudence. Today he is the sales director of a very important Italian company. He fluently speaks six languages, and he created a commercial network in five continents, with several business successful track records, and a large basis of partners, agents and customers all around the world. He is the founder and President of the no profit organization named "Pierluigi Bricchi per i bambini", the founder and CEO of "Golf For Charity Italia", and the President of the cultural association "Amici del Tempio". 


Besides his job, he works as atypical, independent and occasional journalist. He plays golf and loves football. 


This website and all its contents have been created for charity purposes. 


"This website and all its contents have been created for charity purposes, as mysantrophists are boring!"

Andrea Bricchi

Focus on

Pierluigi Bricchi per i bambini
“Why the children? Because they are the future and they are the most in need of help, while at the same time they are those who can help you most!”. This is how he decided to devote the biggest part of his efforts to the children, as his father specially cared about them.

Golf for Charity Italia
"I like to play golf and this was the perfect excuse to play and help the children!". So Golf for Charity Italia was born, trying to put together all Andrea's friends, including many celebrities, and all the people wishing to share a brilliant golf and parkling day, once a year!

Amici del Tempio
The association named "Amici del Tempio" was born in 1946, from Mons. Aristide Conti and some thousands of "castellani". In the decades they have carried on this aluable duty, with dedication and love for art. Now it has been restructurated and registered, with the aim to improve, preserv and promote the art of the Collegiata di San Giovanni Battista.